Excellent News!

This is what happens when you invest in some discoveries.

ONGC invested Rs 3400 crore after PM Narendra Modi insisted on finding new oil reserves within Bharat for the energy security of the Nation. Look what happened! We found a highly potent even more potent that Bombay High Oil Reserve!

ONGC found a new Oil and Gas reserve, 45 KM from Kolkata, at Ashok Nagar. ONGC after investing 3400 crore to create a production module dig 375 Barrels of Oil for testing and it is found as highly potent and of better quality than Bombay High Crude. This crude oil will be sent to Haldia Refinery and then for commercial use.

This is very good news for West Bengal as State and its Economy. In coming two years ONGC is going to invest Rs 453 crore more for setting up full fledged exploration mechanism.

This is yet another fine gift from Center to State of West Bengal and it is also good news for Nation as we found our 8th Oil and Gas reserve officially.