How many of us can actually realise the bad impact of media if they are in completely wrong hands or they are controlled/paid by the wrong people? Nowadays, its pretty clear that, these Indian media houses have became desperate on spreading false news & harming reputations of many popular leaders & in maximum cases, those news ultimately proved as biased & the errors done are intentional. We have reached at the pick of tolerance power, from now on if they are not being controlled properly, we may loose the ancient glory of India & our identity. To retain the prosperity of our country & cultures, those media houses must be forced to maintain some strong rules & regulations. If our Prime Minister or even President need to follow proper rules, and they are forced to maintain all the ethics & laws, then I don’t think, the media houses need to be considered as exceptions.

I have spent some time to find possible alternative ways how to handle these anti-national media houses. I can clearly see that we Indians are heavily dependent on the News channels/Newspapers & have respect to them as the 4th pillar of democracy. And they are simply taking that advantage without having any kinds of fear of legal encounters. But why? Aren’t they under the Indian constitutions or legal systems? Then how can they dare to spread lies which ultimately helps in destruction of our cultures as well as our country?

Lots of feasible alternatives came into my mind. Finally I have come out with some positive solutions. Here are the possible ways to control the Presstitutes :

First of all, lets think honestly, if they are forced to follow some basic rules & regulations, then can those be considered as any kinds of restrictions against press freedom? Definitely not, press media were developed for spreading truths, not lies; specially intentional lies. We need to take them as some private companies nothing more than that. If you consider them as private companies, it will be easy to evaluate their performances.

We need to cut off their foreign funding sources. This is very important as no one wants to put money wildly to see other country’s growth isn’t it so?

Then, we need to find out if there is any legal way to create laws by Govt. or by court hearing (I prefer court hearing) which will be like :

If suppose a news channel e.g NPTV runs a series accusing something which is completely wrong & baseless, following that, if they are proved wrong, then they have to apologize in prime time news and have to air the correct stories with the same amount of time at that same time segments where they had aired the false news.

Likewise, suppose Times Of Bharat prints a completely wrong news on front page and if those news are proved as wrong, then they have to apologize and have to print the correct news both at that same place in the very next day.

I think it will make a difference as they will be scared because if they are proved wrong with facts, then they need to publish or air completely opposite story at the very next day and at the same place/time segments. It will ensure the damage of their reputations also.

This may be possible as similar type of hearing was done earlier in Swamy Nityanand case.

Swami Nityanand- sex scandal case : caught in a CD, sex CD proved to be doctored, court ordered Star Vijay Channel to run an apology every 2 hours for a month.

P.S. : Not all the journalists or news channels are corrupt, but maximum are, and most importantly its dangerous because those, which are corrupt are so popular that the lies actually make impact in general people’s mindset. That’s why its almost necessary to restrict them from fulfilling their hidden agendas for which they have been being paid.