‘LPG Gas Cylinder’🏮 is always been a Hot Topic for Debate.

‘CRITICS’ & ‘NOTA’ bigots are busy in spreading that prices for LPG Gas Cylinder have Increased & are Very High. So I had given a thought to actually do some Fact finding & See what I get. 🤔

🏮LPG Gas Prices on ’16th June 2004′ 📅
(Few days After, When MMS took charge)

Subsidised : Rs. 272.24
Non-Subsidised : N.A

👉 No of Subsidised LPG Cylinders : No Cap

🏮LPG Gas Prices on ‘1st May 2014’ 📅
(Few days Before, When MMS left)

Subsidised : Rs. 420.63
(Huge 54.51% Rise 📈 in ‘Subsidised LPG’ over 10 Years of UPA)

Non-Subsidised : 946.00
(Huge-Huge 247.49% Rise 📈📈 in ‘Non-Subsidised LPG’ over 10 Years of UPA),

Also note that ‘Non-Subsidised LPG’ Cylinder Rate touched as high as Rs. 1254 in 2014 from Rs. 272.24 in 2004.

👉 No of Subsidised LPG Cylinders : 6 Per Year* .. *(Increased to 9 in 2013)

🏮LPG Gas Prices on ‘1st July 2018’ 📅
(After 4 Years of Modi Government)

Subsidised : Rs. 493.63
(Moderate 17.35% Rise in ‘Subsidised LPG’ over 4 Years of NDA)

Non-Subsidised 758.62
(Sharp 19.8% Decrease 📉 in ‘Non-Subsidised LPG’ over 4 Years of NDA)

👉 No of Subsidised LPG Cylinders : 12 Per Year

Prices of ‘LPG Gas Cylinder’ is Increased during NDA is just a Hoax. Have a look on various Prices & Have even bigger look on Number of Subsidised Cylinders per Year. Do Your own Calculation.🙆

* LPG Price in Rs. / Litre
* LPG Prices (Average) mentioned is Avg. of Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai, Chennai from IOC Table !!!


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